Client Testimonials

James John-Charles - Business Cafe Owner - Chicago IL

Convenience Filing Inc. helped me out with my rather complicated taxes, and also provided me with some great tips to improve my situation.

Mary Anatasian- Registered Nurse - St. Louis Missouri 

I have known the CEO for 5 years now, and I’m very excited about where Convenience Filing Inc. is headed, as well as how they take care of me when tax time comes around.  So happy to have found my very own 365 days a year Accountant that I can call on!


Dr. Patricia Stemond - Medical Doctor/Speaker - San Diego California

Convenience Filing Inc. has been there for me. Whenever I need to propose a question or when I'm completely lost and need understanding about my taxes, they are there to assist at all times, no matter what day of the month, and the customer service is the best!  By me going back and forth in Senegal Africa, I was concerned how I needed to complete my taxes, because my goal is to be compliant to the rules and regulations of the US.  Convenience Filing Inc. was there to break it down making sure I stayed on track of what type of returns that were needed, and I am truly a satisfied customer.


Mary Trotter-Daycare Owner - Washington DC

Becoming a client of Convenience Filing Inc. was the best thing I could have done.  What I love the most about this firm, is that I always walk away knowing the ins and out of my taxes, especially being a Senior.  This place definitely makes my bottom line always count!

Anthony Hewitt - Graduate Student - Tampa Florida

Totally professional and makes sure that satisfaction has to be the end result! I look forward each year coming back to Convenience Filing Inc.