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Convenience Filing is your trusted partner for all your tax needs. We provide expert tax preparation, filing, and year-round guidance to individuals and businesses.

person holding paper near pen and calculator
person holding paper near pen and calculator

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”I travel 80% of the time for business and had gotten behind on filing. Convenience Filing saved my butt and got me back on track, They're not just number pushers, they provided me tools and resources to help me get and STAY organized.
- Dr. Jeff Robinson
”It's refreshing to know I can ask any question and get honest answers. This helps build trust!

- Ernestine Mays

”They strive to improve their service to the clients by blending technology and creativity. The new client portal helps me stay organized. The name truly fits their services...'Convenience'!

- Dr. Tanija Coleman

”I keep a busy schedule, but Convenience Filing has had my back for several years now. I really appreciate how they proactively keep me informed on tax changes to help me make good decisions for my business.”

- Willie Nelson, III

Maximize Refunds


Our team of tax experts will help you find every deduction and credit possible, ensuring you maximize your refund.


We offer services to help businesses boost profits, optimize their structure, increase tax law knowledge

Audit Support

We provide audit support and onsite training to empower your team with tax knowledge.

Client Testimonials

Here's what other customers say

”I have known the CEO for 5+ years now, and I'm very excited about where Convenience Filing Inc. is headed, as well as how they take care of me when tax time comes around. So happy to have found my very own 365 days a year Accountant that I can call on.”

Mary Anatasian, Registered Nurse (St. Louis, MO)

”Totally professional and makes sure that satisfaction has to be the end result! I look forward each year coming back to Convenience Filing, Inc.”

- Anthony Hewitt, Graduate Student (Tampa, FL)

”Becoming a client of Convenience Filing Inc. was the best thing I could have done. What I love the most about this firm, is that I always walk away knowing the ins and out of my taxes, especially being a Senior. This place definitely makes my bottom line always count!”

- Mary Trotter, Daycare Owner (Washington, DC)

”Convenience Filing Inc. has been there for me. Whenever I need to propose a question or when I'm completely lost and need understanding about my taxes, they are there to assist and the customer service is the best! I am truly a satisfied customer”

- Dr. Patricia Stemond, M.D. & Speaker (San Diego, CA)

Get answers to your tax-related questions and find solutions to common pain points, RIGHT HERE!

Edward J. Lusk, III

IRS Enrolled Agent

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